CANINE – Wisdom Panel 2.0 – now testing 350+ breeds



Canine DNA test to establish the breed mix in your dog.

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Canine DNA Test by Wisdom Health

To provide accurate breed detection results you need three things: a large breed database, a sophisticated algorithm and a significant number of markers strategically placed across the genome.

Wisdom Panel  features the largest breed database of over 350+ breeds, types and varieties represented in more than 12,000 samples. We examine your dog’s DNA at 1800 points (markers) and send the data to a computer that evaluates them using an advanced algorithm and more than 18 million calculations. The algorithm uses information from our extensive sample database to analyse your dog’s potential pedigree trees going back three generations. After giving each of the millions of possible combinations a score based on how well it matches your dog’s data, the computer selects the tree with the overall best score and that is what is reported in your dog’s results.


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