A DNA test has been directed or is required for a legal matter.

Starting the process

Call 1890 989 556 to discuss the particulars of the case so that we may best advise you.

Nominate a GP

You can either speak to your client’s own family GP or select a GP from our register. A GP or practice nurse is required to take the samples for a court admissible test. Confirm their participation in advance of the written instruction.

Provide a written instruction

Email or post your instruction to despatch a kit to the nominated GP. You can request a fee note or invoice at this time, if preferred. Include the name and postal address of the chosen GP and the names of the relevant parties involved in the case. Please state in this letter if you would like to receive a copy of the final DNA test report.

Provide an online written instruction here

Contact DNA Ireland

If you have any questions or concerns please Lo-Call 1890 989 556 or phone 021 4965809 or email us at info@dnaireland.ie or lucy@dnaireland.ie. Alternatively you can use our enquiry form here or Tweet us @ DNAIreland.

We will send out a kit to the chosen GP
  • The standard kit normally consists of 3 sets of swabs, one each for the mother, the child and the alleged father. There are other kits available for other types of tests.
  • We can tailor the kit if there are more or fewer people to test.
The Appointment
  • The appointment typically lasts approximately 30 minutes.
  • Your client will need to bring photo ID and a recent passport photograph to their appointment.
  • It is preferred if all parties are in the room at the time of sampling, but alternative arrangements can be made if this is not possible.
  • Our fee for testing does not include the GPs consultation fee.
The report will be issued within 5-7 working days

There is a report distribution page, with four sections that can be completed if four separate copies of the report are required. We will normally email the report but we are more than happy to post a copy if required.

Special Reports

A special report is issued for the Registrar of Births if the DNA test report is required for changing a name on a birth certificate. You should make us aware in advance if you require this, to avoid any delays.

Lo-Call us on 1890 989 556 or email us at info@dnaireland.ie at any time if you have any questions or concerns.