About Us

DNA Ireland is a national DNA testing service committed to bringing affordable and reliable DNA testing to clients in Ireland and internationally.

The Foundation

DNA Ireland was established in 2005 in response to a growing need for accessible, affordable DNA testing within Ireland. We combine industry expertise with state-of-the-art DNA technology to deliver high quality, reliable DNA test reports for personal use or legal matters.
We work with leading organisations across the private and public sector, including Túsla (Child and Family Agency) and An Garda Síochána.

A Birth Right

We truly believe that everyone deserves to know who their parents are because for most people, “not knowing” can be a burden they carry with them throughout their lives.

Why DNA Ireland?

  • Experienced: we have over 10 years of experience carrying out DNA tests in Ireland
  • Highly Qualified: All of our Case Managers are educated to degree level or above
  • Local: we are an Irish company, employing Irish people

Our Mission, Everyday

This is not just a business; this is help, support and advice, for you and for your family, during what can be an incredibly difficult and emotional time.

It is our mission to provide an affordable DNA testing service, but more than that, to provide reliability, confidence and reassurance to each and every person who contacts us.

The Future

DNA is such a powerful tool that it can unlock vast amounts of information about us, about our ancestors, even about our pets! We are now providing an ancestry service, family tree reconstruction and even breed analysis for your family dog.

Lucy Gaffney, Founder and Director of DNA Ireland

Contact DNA Ireland

If you have any questions or concerns please Lo-Call 1890 989 556 or phone 021 4965809 or email us at info@dnaireland.ie or lucy@dnaireland.ie. Alternatively you can use our enquiry form here or Tweet us @ DNAIreland.