DNA Origins (Biogeographical Ancestry)


Have you ever wondered where your ancestors came from?

The DNA Origins test looks at the four founding populations:

European including Middle Easterner and South Asians;

Sub-Saharan African;

East Asian including Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Pacific Islanders;

Indigenous American including North, South and Central Native Americans.

You will receive a PDF certificate via email, with a chart representing the four founding populations and your associated percentages, as determined by our analysis.


Only the four founding populations are reported


Sub Saharan African

East Asian

Indigenous American

These populations are NOT broken down further in your report.

A great gift idea. Simple swab collection. Allow 6-8 weeks for results.

Your report is emailed with our AncestryByDNA Manual to help you to interpret your data and give you further insights into your results.

Read more about DNA Origins here


Click on the link below to see a sample report of our DNA Origins Ancestry test.


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Four Founding Populations

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