Ancestry Testing

This ancestry test examines genetic markers found in your DNA, within your 23 pairs of chromosomes.

You receive one copy of each pair from your mother, and one from your father. In turn, both of your parents received their copies from their parents.

Usually, the chromosome that you receive from your mother is made up of a combination of part of chromosome from her parents. This process is called genetic recombination. Because of this process, our chromosomes are mixed up together and so our genetic information contains fragments of DNA from all of our ancestors.

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Paternal Origins

We look at the pattern within the Y-chromosome and compare the pattern against known genetic groups (haplogroups). The Y-chromosome is passed faithfully from father to son so this will enable you to learn where your clan father originated from.

Maternal Origins
We look at the DNA within the mitochondria (a tiny organelle within the cell which functions as a power source) and compare the patterns against known genetic groups (haplogroups). The mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is passed faithfully from mother to child so this will enable you to learn where your clan mother originated from.